Thursday, December 8, 2011

Quarter Life Crisis Kickoff

Why Hello There,

It has been an extensive vacation from blogging.
I've spent the last couple months collecting myself, planning a wedding and turning 25.
Here it is, the entrance into a new demographic, the start of the age that will usher in domestication and the second quarter of my life- if you haven't noticed I have clearly decided I am living to 100, why not after all it is proven that vegetarians live longer.

So, how did I spend my last week as an early twentier?

I took the week off work... mostly to clean the condo castle which had begun to resemble a sty. This is when I noticed that someone had been melting my Tupperware lids in the dishwasher- being my proactive self I had a solution. - so far it's worked.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I'm 24 Years Old and Lost; Just Like Everyone Else

Go to school, get a job, save money, get married.....

By definition my life is perfect. I graduated in 2008 with a diploma in Advertising, I have worked in my industry from the moment classes ended. I have climbed the ranks at a relatively strong pace and hold a great job on a major account. I have a Fiancee who loves me more than I can tell you and live in a decent condo in the 'burbs.  Thus far I have followed the plan....

However, I am indisputably lost- and so are all my friends.

Now, I have some friends who by definition should be lost. Babies, part time employment, bad relationships, basement dwellers, multiple stabs at various educational paths. However, I have for the majority of my relationship with these folks known they would be lost- for a while. But there are a whole other friend-uverse that like me, should be happy- after all they have perfect lives too.

So what is making the mid-twentite's restless?

Perhaps for me it is being 24 years old and so ahead of the game. In fact I have spent the last 6 years ahead of the game. Just by doing what I was always told to do. Graduate, get a job, get married. At this rate I will have 4 pups by the time I am 30 and a knee replacement at 45? A little drastic, maybe....

So how do I get un-lost?

In a recent conversation with a friend I asked her what she wanted, what would make her happy?
"I don't know" she answered.

The truth is neither do I, it seems I have been plowing through life at such a speed on such a defined path that I not only don't know where I am but where I want to be. I have spent minimal time exploring, traveling, learning who I am. How am I suppose to know what I want my life to be, when I simply don't know who I am .

Now, before you go thinking I'm going to quit my job, leave my boy and go live in the Mountains. I don't suggest uprooting everything you have worked for; besides there is a lot of us mid-twenties ladies and lads and uprooting us all might blow up the economy or at least sell out all the flights to Europe, Australia and Iceland ;). Simply, we need to stop running and walk for a while, after all we're only 24.