Monday, November 15, 2010


Today I did something I have been talking about forever, since the beginning of the blog-osphere.
Because really what early-adopter, tech nerd with an affinity for strange food and a habit for deals doesn't already write a blog.
Me- that's who.
So here we are.

Before I get into the cake pops, spelt bread and Black Friday shopping I have to share.
I am in fact the most indecisive individual, seriously I cannot commit to a nail colour.

It all began when I signed in, excited to post- that's when I realized I named the blog - Spelt Princess?
Oh well it is what it is...Even though I stand here today with 37 alternate titles that I love- although in 3 weeks I will most likely hate them too.

Regardless of the name, welcome to my blog! I hereby promise to suck you into my Mel-isms, random obsessions and the newest and coolest things on this planet.


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