Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Cyber monday anyone?

Being an affluent shopper is fantastic- I know where the deals are, when to shop and of course how to price match. I am fluent in store policies and promotional patterns- It really is a gift.
One thing that I have noticed among my shop-aholic sisters and brothers is the apprehension towards online retail- although completely techno-competent most of them still can’t seem to get over their trust issues. Perhaps they need the tactile experience to assure them that what they are buying is indeed worth the money?

Online shopping for me started with Ebay, I was intrigued by the - "you can't find it anywhere, but we have it" premise of this wonderful electronic marketplace.
Over the years my interest in the online shopohere expanded with PayPal’s offering. Something about that little green and blue logo sooths me while it withdraws money from my Visa one IPhone case at a time. But still I cannot move beyond $40 items, especially when it comes to no name retailers.

Is it because it has been drilled into our heads that the internet is lurking with shady characters just waiting for me to type in our credit card number so they can steal my $7 balance or my identity- I promise you cyber thieves all you will get from my ID is one heck of a shopping debt and this blog.

So before I post my Top Ten rules for Online Spending tell me- why are you not making the transition to Online?

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